Friday 4 March 2016

First World War Infographic Postcards

For those who are unsure of what this is, infographic is a combination of information and graphics and these high-quality cards from The Great War 100 deliver both aspects in a clear, concise way that would appeal to anyone with an interest in the First World War.

Each pack contains ten double-sided educational cards giving an overview of some of the major battles of the Great War and spanning the years from August 1914 to August 1918. Some are well known and others less so and not all on the battlefields of France and Flanders. We must not forget the Eastern Front or indeed, Gallipoli.

The graphics that compliment the statistics are clearly expressed and each pocket of information is interesting, and in no way boring. The maps showing the exact location of each of the ten battles are informative.

Do you know how many Victoria Crosses were awarded on the first day of the Battle of Mons, one of the earliest conflicts of the war? Or how many allied planes were used in the Battle of Amiens? 

The section that really ‘brings it home’ is the one entitled: “I was there.” Quotes from serving soldiers, and not only British ones, offer first-hand personal insight of the conflict and the particular battle in which they played a part.

Each highly-recommended glossy card measures 20x20 cms and they are excellent teaching tools, whether in school, history groups or museums. They would also make an extremely good gift. Although they are called postcards, they are not for posting - they are for keeping.

These beautifully presented infographic cards are affordable and excellent value. To order yours, just click here.